How do we view your homes?

What sets Matrix Homes apart is our factory build process. We welcome guests by appointment to get the full Matrix experience. This allows so much more information to be provided, as well as you get to walk through 10+ houses at any time to really understand which home is best for you.

What if we are not in the Wellington Region?

Our sales team are working towards a schedule to visit clients nationwide to help with their projects. We also offer a free airport pick up service so please contact us to set up whichever best suits you!

Does the cost include transport, piling and connecting the modules?

The base price is for the house only. If you buying a home that consists of joining modules together, we will incorporate that costing into your quotation. Transport and piling are site-specific and are an additional cost however we are more than happy to help guide you into firming up those prices.

Where is the cost calculator?

We are currently working on updating the homes we offer, and the pricing breakdown so for a more accurate price indication, please get in touch with a member of the sales team.

How long does it take to build after I have ordered a house?

On average it takes around 3 months once we have received UHCC consent to build. In a hurry? Let us know and we can see what we can do for you! External factors such as site development and council delays can impact the lead times.

Is it possible for Matrix suggest layouts and check my site?

All we need is a survey plan of the site and we can help you choose the ideal house layout for your section. If a survey plan is not available then most Council GIS websites will have sufficient information for an initial assessment. For more information check out our Process page.

Can they be installed on sloping or steep sites?

Yes, they can. This may mean using a crane which is an additional cost.

Can they be lifted over a house into a backyard? 

Yes. A 100 tonne crane will lift them around 20 meters and in Wellington and Auckland, there are 350 tonne cranes which can lift them around 35-40 meters. Costs are dependent upon individual circumstances.

Do you make a two-storey version?

Matrix currently offers three two-storey options. The floor plans for these units can be found under the Our Modules page.

What is the ceiling stud height?

It's 2.4 meters. We don't make a higher stud as it would affect the height for transport.

Can I have a sloping ceiling?

No this can't be done. Our construction system and the way modules connect require a flat ceiling.

Can the sides clad in corrugated steel be clad in weatherboards?

Yes! We are always happy to discuss options to suit you, as well as any covenants on the sections in relation to the iron wall of our homes.

Can I change the location of the windows?

The location of the windows can't be changed but they can be deleted and either the slot window or the full height window can be placed in any window location.

Is it possible to move walls?

Matrix are not able to accommodate any requests to move walls within our modules. This is due to a number of factors, including the fact that our walls are needed to support the dwelling during transport, and the way they are factory constructed means that all frames are made to the same dimensions. If you want to alter any internal dimensions this would need to be carried out by your own builder once the house had been completed by Matrix.

Do you do a version with extra insulation?

Yes, we make a Green Building Council "6 HomeStar" upgrade, which is required for Auckland Special Housing Areas and is a useful upgrade for colder climates.
We increase the level of insulation and our windows already comply with the 6 HomeStar rating.

Can your homes be placed near the sea?

Yes, but they need to be upgraded with the Coastal Exposure Zone D option.

Do you send houses to the South Island?

Yes. The modules fit easily on the Strait Shipping vessels. 

Can I select my interior wall colour?

All of our modules are painted one neutral colour, "Sea Fog". Matrix does not offer any other colour options for the interior.

Can I select a different exterior steel colour?

Our exterior steel is grey in colour and forms part of the standard finish in addition to pine weatherboard. We offer a variety of colours of weatherboard or an upgrade to cedar cladding. We currently only offer our steel in grey.

How does the building consent work?

The house leaves the factory with a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) from the Upper Hutt City Council. A Local Authority Building Consent will be required. Depending on your service level Matrix will either submit this consent on behalf or help guide you through the process of obtaining a Local Consent.

Can I get a builder to change or add to the modules?

Changing the modules is possible in some cases and adding to them is straightforward as they are built from standard timber framing. We can supply components like windows for your builder to use in the addition. 

Have you considered making them using a panel system or structural insulated panels (SIP's)?

We considered some other systems, but we like using familiar materials Kiwis know and trust. 

Can they be made in a flat pack or sent in a shipping container?

We cannot offer a kit set option but we can complete your build to a certain point. You can talk to us about shipping a Matrix Homes from Wellington, New Zealand. 

Will you be having a show home in Auckland or Christchurch?

As we all know the land prices have skyrocketed in these regions, so we will endeavor to visit these locations Bi-Monthly to meet and greet and assist in any way we can. We also offer a free airport pick up/drop off service to help you visit us here at our factory.

Can gas water heating be fitted? 

Yes, we do an extra cost option for a Califont external water heater.

Is it possible to fit different appliances?

We are always happy to work with our clients on requests such as these so long as they work within the home.

Can I have a different colour of kitchen cabinets and tops?

You have a choice of three kitchen designs and can choose from a wide range of colours from bench tops to kitchen units. We also offer many upgrade features to personalise your kitchen making sure that it reflects your style and personality, as the Kitchen is truly the heart of the home.

Do Matrix Homes offer turnkey solutions?

Matrix Homes can assist you with identifying the costs for your site development and act as Project Manager for your building project. Matrix Homes can work alongside Licensed Building Practitioners to offer you a full building project solution. 

Can Matrix homes project manage my entire build from start to finish?

We are able to oversee your building project for you allowing you peace of mind that you are dealing with one main point of contact throughout your build.

Do Matrix Homes submit the Building Consent for me?

Yes, as part of the preliminary fee paid to Matrix at the start of the buying process you will get drawings of your dwelling for lodgement with the council which we will submit on your behalf. All fees due from the council as part of the consent would need to be paid by you the purchaser. Matrix modules have a multi proof consent and if you remain within the parameters of our multi proof design then you will benefit from lower building consent fees and a quicker turn around time.

What warranty is provided with a Matrix Home?

Matrix Homes will meet obligations set out in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the 2004 Building Act. Under the Building Act and 2013 amendment, there are basic protections for customers and all contracts (written or verbal) for residential building work. These warranties require all building work to be fit for purpose, meet the Building Code, and be undertaken with reasonable care and skill within a reasonable time frame. Those who carry out building work are obligated to put things right for up to 10 years and there is a 12-month defect repair period, provided there is no misuse or negligent damage cause by the owner. This is outlined in your Matrix Homes contract.

For additional coverage, we are now Certified builders and provide our clients the option to purchase their Halo insurance packages. Please ask us for more information.

Can a Matrix homes be put on a Concrete slab?

Our modules are designed to be suitable for the vast majority of sections. To ensure that our modules can be placed on steeper sites, the foundations are designed to be piles allowing for more flexibility when addressing sites that are not flat. Our kitset homes are in progress and will are working towards a concrete option.

Looking for a section?

We can help! Contact us

Is my section right for a Matrix Home?

Key tips when deciding on a section:

What is the site access like?

All new builds need good site access. Matrix Homes needs a minimum width of 5-6 meters to be able to deliver a house. Also, watch for excess foliage and power-lines blocking road or site access, check with one of our sales team to see if this may be a problem. We offer a transport check for $250 and this will tell you whether the site is accessible by house truck. In some cases craning your home may be a possibility.

Where are the services located?

The further the services are from the proposed house location the more they will cost to install. Off-grid options may be a good alternative.

Does the section have covenants?

Developers institute covenants to maintain the quality and aesthetics of a sub-division. Some covenants have clauses specifying against transportable or relocatable homes. However, in many cases, a developer may sign off a new Matrix home provided they approve the proposed house design and landscaping.

Does your proposed dwelling meet council and developer covenant requirements?

This might include: building height, boundaries/setbacks, building materials, and site coverage. A full list can be obtained from your local council, the real estate agent, or the site developer.

Does the site have a geotechnical report?

A geo-tech report will tell you what the ground conditions are like and the recommended foundations. If not, Matrix Homes can organise a pre-purchase report for you.

Why is the section cheaper than others?

Some sections are cheaper than others for a reason. For example, it may be steep and therefore more costly to develop. A Quantity Surveyor can calculate the costs relating to your new build.

Re-sale value:

What is the position of the site on the street? How much sun/wind will it get? What is the existing value of the surrounding homes?

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