Build your farm accommodation the easy way
Thu, 10 May 2018

Building modular for your accommodation is the easiest and fastest option for your business, here's why:

Building accommodation using traditional on-site building methods can be impractical as it increases the cost and time it takes to build. In rural areas good tradesmen and builders can be hard to find and even harder to coordinate. If you find a decent company to build on-site the cost to build can increase due to the difficultly of coordinating tradesmen, the wait time for materials, and weather delays.

This is why modular construction is ideal for rural areas as your accommodation is built in our factory where we avoid weather and time delays, we supply the labour and tradesmen, and we guarantee you the quality and durability of your build. If you need to relocate or on-sell the accommodation you can easily do this.

Building new rather than repurposing an old/used relocatable home makes sense because we eliminate the need for a builder and can organise tradesmen to connect services on your site for you. New builds have lower maintenance and energy running costs compared with an old relocatable house.

We offer you:

  • Comfortable accommodation options for migrants, seasonal workers, and backpackers. Choose from our pre-designed modules or change the plans to suit your needs. Need a wet room? We can add one in.
  • Fully insulated and double-glazed windows to keep workers warm and dry and lower electricity costs.
  • 10 week build time in our factory. Our factory process allows us to streamline the coordination of trades at every stage, meaning your accommodation is built in a significantly faster time than a m2site build.
  • We save you time, saving you money – you spend less money on temporary accommodation options and your workers are housed faster.
  • No fuss, fixed price contracts.

Total floor area 65.85m2

Our modules are ideal as accommodation for farm workers. This duplex has two self contained units, suitable for two workers. Need to add a wet room? We can alter the plan to suit your needs. All our homes come complete with paint, carpet, vinyl, kitchen and bathroom fittings. We also have other designs, please contact us for more information. 

Our M3 and M4 floor plans are also suitable for farm use. 

Have a floor plan in mind? Bring it to us and use our design and build service. 

Talk to us now about our accommodation options now! Email: call: 027 535 1558 or click here!